The industry-leading GRS™ 3-piece trunk & distribution connector series is designed for optimal performance in high bandwidth, two-way and digital communication systems. The GRS provides independent seizing of the cable’s center conductor and outer conductors during the installation process, guaranteeing proper cable retention.

Materials and Construction of Connector Components:  ASTM 6000 aluminum alloy with gold chromate conversion coating for excellent corrosion resistance and a dry film lubricant to prevent thread galling.  Contact pins and support sleeves are brass with bright acid tin plating providing excellent RF conductivity.  O-rings are ultraviolet and ozone resistant EPDM for maximum durability.
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Commscope P3
Times Fiber T-10 

Cable Type      Part Number
      .412        GRS-412-CH-DU-01-T 
      .500        GRS-500-CH-DU-03-T  
      .625        GRS-625-CH-DU-02-T  
      .750        GRS-750-CH-DU-01-T  
      .875        GRS-875-CH-DU-02-T  
    1.000        GRS-1000-CH-DU-01-T 

Times Fiber - TX

Cable Type      Part Number
      .480        GRS-480-CH-TX-T  
      .565        GRS-565-CH-TX-T  
      .700        GRS-700-CH-TX-T  
      .840        GRS-840-CH-TX-T  
    1.160        GRS-1160-CH-TX-T 

Commscope QR 

Cable Type      Part Number
       .320        GRS-320-CH-QR-T  
       .540        GRS-540-CH-QRP-T  
       .715        GRS-715-CH-QRP-T  
       .860        GRS-860-CH-QRP-T  
     1.125        GRS-1125-CH-QR-T 

Trilogy MC2 

Cable Type      Part Number
       .440        GRS-440-CH-MC2-T  
       .500        GRS-500-CH-MC2-T  
       .650        GRS-650-CH-MC2-T  
       .750        GRS-750-CH-MC2-T  
     1.000        GRS-1000-CH-MC2-T 
  GRS™ Pin Type Connectors

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